Just Another Day

I know today isn’t over, but it’s gone pretty well so far.

I finished the public hearing story on the new parking garage, which is on page one today. I will have the link up for that when the pdf goes up online later today.  I was able to keep it long because it ran on the front. Outside stories don’t really have length requirements. It would be easier to know that before I write the story. I also had another story in today on a fundraiser for the No Freeze project. Mike said I did a great job on the garage story. He changed my lead, but that’s fine with me. He can spice them up, whereas I can’t think of anything more than a boring line about what just happened.

Mike gave me a story today that he wanted today on a school calendar change in a town we cover. I had a hard time getting to the superintendent, because he was in a meeting all day, but I was able to talk to his “executive assistant.” Mike asked for 10 inches and I had eight before the quotes so it turned our perfect.

I am finally in the “F” drive. That basically means that I am officially in the system and I can stop emailing stories to Mike. He showed me how to use it and where to put stories. It’s pretty simple and convenient. I can save it in our “Daily News File” and not worry about if our email is being slow that day. That was a good feeling. I will probably forget how to do it by tomorrow, though.

The best part of my day was getting my first paycheck. I actually got two because I didn’t get one last week, but it still felt great. It’s awesome to know that I can do everything that I’ve been doing and actually get paid doing it. I’m not going to say how much I get paid, but it’s worth it. I have a job right out of college, so I can’t really complain. So far, I love what I’m doing and I know it’s the right fit for me.

I am covering a meeting tonight in Mansfield. I will talk more about it when I post later tonight, but it should be pretty interesting. It’s a town meeting, but Mike mostly wants resident reactions. It will be pretty lively, I’m sure of that.

Stay tuned for two more clips and another post coming later tonight.



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