I Can Get Used To This

There is snow on the ground, but I still had a great day.

I just finished the story on the new Storrs Neighborhood Watch Google Group page. I met a lot of people and I’m glad Mike sent me. The resident trooper was more than happy to talk to me, which helped my story a ton.

The Chronicle got called out at the meeting. A resident said that The Chronicle “doesn’t always get the story right.” I don’t think that resident knew that I was a reporter, never mind being from that same paper. I laughed it off, along with many of the other residents in the room. After the meeting, a resident came up to me and said that I shouldn’t worry about what that woman said. She was very nice and we talked for a little while about newspapers in general.

The story tonight took a little longer than an hour to write. I’m not trying to break any records, but I knew what I wanted to say before I wrote it. On the way home from Mansfield, I made a checklist in my head of what I needed to say and what I could omit.

If it’s one thing I learned it’s that I can omit things and not lose sleep over it. I can’t put everything in the story like I used to at The Recorder. That’s just not possible and it makes for bad stories.

The drive home wasn’t the easiest, but I got home safe.

I hope we don’t get too much snow overnight. I want to be able to have a nice commute in the morning.

Two new clips today:

Parking Garage Plan-11

No Freeze Party – 12




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