Worrying About This Feature

I think I just finished my feature story. I don’t want to give too much away about it.

It’s pretty long and I don’t know what Mike likes for length yet. I want him to look at it tomorrow and let me know, but I am going to go over it a couple of times in the morning. I’m sure there is a lot I could take out and change, but I’m just glad that it’s over. I can relax a little bit now.

I know that I procrastinated a lot with this piece. I’m not sure why. For my other stories, I really tried to get those done ASAP. I wanted to take my time with this one, but I think I waited too long. Mike never gave me a hard deadline, but obviously wanted it done in less than a week. It hasn’t been a week yet, though.

This story being my first feature, I hope that I did okay with it.

Once before it was done, and once more about 20 minutes ago after I had finished it. She singled out one quote that I used. I reread it just now and it doesn’t work. I have to take it out. I put it in because it was great the way he said it in the interview, but doesn’t seem to make sense just plopping it in a story. I wanted it in there, though.

I’m really excited to see what Mike thinks.

I think this is a really amazing story.



2 Responses to Worrying About This Feature

  1. How exciting! Can’t wait to read it. I’m up right now finishing up my second cover story. Once this is done, I’m going to give a huge sigh of relief. These first couple of weeks have been great, but having these two major assignments right off the bat made the anxiety level a little higher than I would have liked. I’m sure your feature kicks serious journalistic ass.

    • Hey,

      Thanks. I’m just not sure what he’s looking for.

      That is a lot of pressure, but I bet you are learning a lot from that. You are learning to balance things and get used to that kind of pressure. Probably not the greatest feeling in the world, but it definitely seems like you are having fun for sure.

      What are your hours there?

      And thanks again. I’m not sure when my feature will be in the paper, but I’m thinking this week.


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