Another Great Day

This is a picture of an inside look of the ECSU Student Center from the second floor. I had no idea how awesome their student center was, but it really is a great place. They have a couple theatre rooms and it’s quite new, too. Today, I was at ECSU to cover a pretty cool event.

The event was from a grant given to EASTCONN:

“One of six Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs) in Connecticut, is a public, non-profit agency that has been serving the educational needs of schools, organizations, communities, and individuals of all ages in northeastern Connecticut since 1980.” << via their website.

There were over 170 third graders in the student center from all over Connecticut. The program is called “Heroes and Heroines” and, basically, it’s about teaching the kids that their are heroes all around them and that they, too, can be a hero in their own life. It’s pretty neat. The acting fire chief, superintendent and a bunch of other people were there too. I met a young adult author, a friend of the event organizer, and her and I talked throughout the day about her books and how she was a journalist for more than 15 years at a small paper.

Her name is Kimberly Newton Fusco and she thanked me for being there. If you have a second I would really reccomend that you go to her site and check out what she does. She told the students about how, when she was a kid, she had a terrible speech impediment and literally didn’t talk for most of her life until she got to college. She saw a speech therapist for over 10 years in college, but, even today, you can tell she still has a problem with it. Her life story is really something that I could spend a whole post on.

You would think that by having over 170 kids in one room for an extended period of time would be a nightmare, but the kids behaved better than anyone thought. They were quiet, respectful and never even asked for lunch.

I left while they were finally eating lunch so that I could write the story for Saturday’s paper. The story was insanely easy to write, but I wrote it long because I thought it was really important. Taking kids out of school and having important people talk to them is something that, I think, will stick with them. It was a pretty good day.

Before I covered the event, I had to finish the museum story. That, too, was longer than it should have been. I had to sit at my desk and cut out extra words, some quotes and go over the story about eight times. It was still pretty long when I finally sent it to Mike, but I was happy with it. That story should be in tomorrow’s paper, but Mike may hold it for Monday’s paper.

Our new phones were set up today and my extension changed. FAIL. I feel bad for everyone that I’ve talked the last two weeks who are going to try to call me again. The new phone is great though.

I will be getting my Chronicle email set up soon! That’s going to be awesome and will, for me, make it “official.” Plus, I am just tired of using my Gmail one. It works, but it would be nice to be on the server that they are using. It’ll make me a part of the team.

Nothing bad to report and I’m glad today went so well. I’m looking forward to next week.

To check out my first ever town meeting story click here.






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