Meetings to Cover

Mike just gave me a heads up that I am covering town meetings tomorrow and Thursday.

I’m both excited and petrified. Well, the meetings aren’t what scare me. It’s the fact that nothing will happen. What then?

I think it’s really great that they can trust me to go and cover the meetings. Hopefully, in the near future, the towns that I am going to start covering will be my beat. Knock on wood. I guess, it’s just refreshing to know that someone knows that I can do this and trusts me not to mess up.

I already asked Mike when I should write the meeting stories because we have a morning deadline and not a night one, like most papers. Being an afternoon paper, reporters could write the story in the morning and not miss deadline. I think it would be better for me to write the story when I get home because I think that if I waited until morning it wouldn’t be the same story. Ya know?

That way, if I write it that night I can edit it when I come in for the morning and it’ll be less stressful on me. That would be especially important if I had other stories to work on in the morning. I’m going to guess that will happen. Which, as we know, I like to eliminate stress as much as possible. Yes, stress is a fuel as a reporter, but for my first meeting story I’d like to have as little as possible.

I’m excited.

Update: I have two new clips up and be sure to check them out. They are really great stories and I was more than excited to write them.


P.S. let me know what you think of the stories!


3 Responses to Meetings to Cover

  1. Hey,

    I hope those meetings will get you a story; I think one can find a story in almost everything. Good idea in writing it the night of, that’s what I would do if we had a morning deadline. In that case, you can edit it or add to it while you sleep on it, etc.

    Good work on both of those clips, very good content and quotes and an easy read. I am happy you are having fun writing them and it’s only going to get better!


    • Hey,

      I’m sure that I will get something from the meetings. I’m pretty excited. I’ll write most of it tomorrow night and finish it in the morning. I’ll probably have to call people in the morning for more comments, but it should be pretty straight forward.

      Thanks. Those clips were really fun.


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