Stealing from Romenesko 1/3

Romenesko has some great things up on his website already this week.

Even last week he tweeted some things that I want to highlight right now.

This post from Gawker entitled “Ten People Who Should Quit the Media in 2012” is hilarious. I didn’t know that Men’s Health Editor Dave Zinczenko plagiarized his own magazine/writers. I also didn’t know Piers Morgan has a lot of baggage. Gawker did their homework on that post.

On a side note, I would really like to know what big-time journalists think of Gawker and the stories that they come up with. I couldn’t find anything via Google for this post, but I will keep looking.

Back to this week, Romenesko has a post entitled “San Diego Union-Tribune staff told told to dress up, work longer hours,” and you have to check it out. On Romenesko’s Facebook wall are plenty of great comments from staff members and other journos giving their two cents on the whole thing. The new owners of the San Diego Union-Tribune have decided to change a few things up and, frankly, this is worth a read.

Yesterday, Jim tweeted a story about someone pretending to be New York Times reviewer Michiko Kakutani on Twitter. It’s a funny story, but makes you think how the newspaper world really thinks about Kakutani.

In her story for the New York Daily News, Lindsay Goldwert wrote:

“An accused, but not always justified, hater of fiction, she’s been called ‘a weird woman who seems to feel the need to alternately praise and spank’ by Salman Rushdie. Jonathan Franzen reportedly dubbed her the ‘stupidest person in New York.'”

For a nice laugh, be sure to check out the feed when you can. There are now a bunch of feeds saying that they are Michiko Kakutani. I will try to keep tabs on the feed.

This week is young, so, I will try to be back back with another stealing Romenesko later in the week.






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