I’m Nervous

Happy New Year. I apologize for not posting.

So, I start this week. I know what to expect, for the most part, but I want to know the specifics. Ash and I were talking today and I got really nervous. I don’t know about what. Just in general, I guess. I have a million questions in my head.

Do I come with stories or wait to be given general assignment stuff? Do they know what meetings they will want me to cover or should I look into that myself? Should I do meet-n-greets my first few days with town officials? I could go on, but I’ll just leave it at that.

I emailed my new boss and obviously he didn’t get back to me today. No one would have gotten back to me today. I freak out for no reason over the smallest of things. It’s something that has followed me for as long as I can remember. My nerves get the best of me a lot of the time. Hopefully, this new job will help me to settle down and relax a bit. There will be deadlines and stories to write, but maybe that fast pace, with being a small daily, will actually help. I know there will be pressure, but I know I can handle that. The pressure to get the stories is just the way journalism works. Finally being done with higher education, I hope that without tests, quizzes and exams I can focus better. Time will tell for me.

Side note: The New York Giants are up 21-0 over the Dallas Cowboys in the game of the year. ( I better not have jinxed them) Oh, and Jerry Jones looks disgusted. Giants better come out for the second half with a lot of intensity!

One thing I don’t think that I will have to worry about is my wardrobe. My new boss said that there really isn’t a dress code and that I really shouldn’t worry about it. He joked that the sports guys come in with sweatpants and sandals sometimes. I don’t think I’ll be wearing that, but I do want to make good impressions on the other news staff.

Speaking of the staff, I think I can almost be positive that I will be the youngest on the news staff. I’m interested to see how we will get along.  Even if we don’t I’m excited to make the news room a fun place to work. I know it should be a serious place, but if you can’t have fun at work, or at least try, then you can’t have fun anywhere. And it helps that I’m a bit crazy. If you don’t believe me when I say that, be sure to ask anyone on The Recorder staff.

Thanks for reading.






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