Family Reactions.. Christmas Style

Merry Christmas!

Every Christmas Eve my parents, brother, and I go to my mother’s parents house to celebrate Christmas. Now, with my new job out in the open, I guess I was expecting a little more excitement than usual. It never came.

When I had first found out that I got the job at The Chronicle, I sent a text to my whole family. I didn’t text every single person, but the majority of them who have cell phones and who actually pay attention to others in the family. I got a ton of congratulations and such when I sent that “mass text,” but no one asked questions when they had me one-on-one. They asked the obvious stuff. No one pried me for answers though. But no one seemed to be worried that they didn’t think that I could do it.

Yes, they were excited, but not as excited as I am, I guess. It was a weird feeling. I didn’t think I wanted to brag about what I am going to be doing, but maybe I did. I can’t make people want to know more about me and what I am going to be doing. I know that. I didn’t think I was expecting so much.

Not a big problem though. I do need to get a home subscription to The Chronicle. By the time I realized I should probably have one it was too late. I need to do that after Monday. If I don’t, please remind me.

I have to admit I am really pumped to start working. I think my next post will be what I think it will be like and how I think I’m prepared for just starting out. Or maybe how I’m not prepared.

Side note: My cousin Jenna got me season one of “The Walking Dead” on DVD for Christmas and I am currently freaking myself out before I have to actually sleep before I have to be ready tomorrow. I hate scary movies, things that make me jump and pretty much anything that is remotely scary at all. So, this is a big step for me. It’s amazing. I always saw it on TV and online and I never thought that I would really like it. Hooked. Boom.

Another Side note: Giants won their biggest game of the year against the Jets. I won’t say too much for fear of jinxing them, but next week versus the Cowboys is the season.



Happy Holidays -everyone be safe



8 Responses to Family Reactions.. Christmas Style

  1. Amir Mian says:

    Do you think their lack of excitement was caused by the good news being sent by a text message?

    • Hey,
      Actually I don’t think that should have had any affect on their excitement levels. I really think that telling them via text and not giving them all of the details should have made them think more about it and want to know more about it.. no?

      Like I said I’m not mad at them. It was just an interesting thing to go through, since I was expecting something else.

      Take it easy.

  2. Amir Mian says:

    One time I told my father that I won a textbook scholarship, which happened to be the first time I won a scholarship, and he had just said, “oh.. okay..” I hate when I don’t get the reaction I want.

  3. Amir Mian says:

    Congratulations on your acquiring your dream of becoming a journalist! You were able to become a professional journalist before you even got your final grades. That is remarkable during these times of hopelessness and unemployment among young college graduates.

    • Hey,

      Thanks Amir.

      And yea it is pretty surreal. I had to decline a job offer and I never thought that I would ever do that in my life, but I’m glad I chose the chronicle.

      You have one semester left though, right?


  4. Amir Mian says:

    Yes, I will complete my degree by this Summer. I cannot wait to be done and be able to relax. Do you plan on going to law school? Law school seems to be the unofficial and supreme graduate school for journalists. Your reading and writing skills will help you breeze through law school. Do you wish to ever be a TV news journalist or do you prefer print journalism?

  5. Hey Amir,

    I definitely will not go to law school. I know no one who has gone through or plans to go to law school. I hope to stay as far away from it as possible. I would like to stick to print, but nowadays journos have to do everything. I can’t really close the door to TV news, but I definitely don’t have a face for it.

    Congrats on one semester left man.


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