Christmas Reflections

Again Merry Christmas.

After over a two year search, my mother finally has a full-time job so Christmas this year wasn’t like it used to be. I’m glad, though. My brother and I are 19 and 22 and frankly, we don’t need all the presents. I love my parents to death, but I don’t need a million hot wheels cars anymore. We don’t need candy out the wahzoo, either. I got things that I needed. It’s refreshing to know that I got nothing I won’t use many, many times.

I still think this Christmas may be the best we’ve ever had, thus far. When we did open our gifts we still had those same smiles on and we still laughed and had a lot of fun. We are together. I can’t be any more thankful that we have each other.

I’m so proud of the four of us and how far we have come. The future is still up for grabs for all of us and it’s nice to know that each of us has the other’s back.

I love my family and I always will.

Another family I miss right now is my Recorder family ( I can’t stand being away from all of you guys and all the drama. It’s been weird not calling CCSU for anything, whatsoever. You all mean a lot to me and I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for what we did this past semester. We were amazing and I know you guys will continue to be amazing. And no, I will not be a stranger. Love you all.



2 Responses to Christmas Reflections

  1. Well I’m glad you are enjoying your Christmas Jon!!!

    Of course you’re going to be greatly missed by Justin and I next semester and the semesters to come..all three of us were a great news team and we became a wonderful little family. Merry Christmas!!!


    • Hi,
      Thanks Kassondra. I just can’t stop thinking about what we did and how awesome it was. It’s going to be weird for me not to have that sense of confidence anymore since covering a town is so much different from CCSU. But it’ll be fun and I’m going to see you guys. Guarantee it.

      How’s your tablet?


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