Done with College?

I finally decided to start a blog about starting my journalism career. I remember seeing people with blogs with just their clips and what they were doing, but I thought this could be something more. I know that it will be. My idea is to have a one-stop shop for everything journalism that is going on with what I am covering and what is going on around the U.S./World.

I graduated earlier this month and started applying to journo jobs via I didn’t really expect to get any calls/emails back, but thankfully I did.

Yesterday, I accepted a part-time job at the Chronicle, in Willimantic, CT. I start on January 4, and to say that I am excited is an understatement. I think that I will be covering Coventry and Lebanon, alongside any general assignment and meeting stories that need to be covered. I covered Coventry when I was an intern at the Journal Inquirer so having that “beat” won’t be as daunting as learning about Lebanon.

I want this blog to be the place for my clips, thoughts and whatever else is going on in my head. I think it’ll be fun and I’m excited for it. I never thought to have all my clips and my resume in the same spot.

I’m only 22, but I also think it would be neat to look back on this stage of my life and be able to see how I was when I started out in the “real world.” That sounds weird, but this blog will allow me to pinpoint things and see where I’ve made mistakes and what I did to correct them.

I know just starting out after college isn’t the easiest thing. I am excited. I’m nervous with a million questions in my head right now. For example.. Is this first post going to ruin this blog?

Only time will tell for this blog. Now that I don’t have homework, this blog will be my second priority with my job being numero uno.

Please don’t worry about this just being a “hard news” blog. I will definitely have everything from national politics to what’s going on with Twitter. You can count on me having opinions, too. Guest posts from my friends would be a nice touch as well.

I’ve bored you enough. Follow me on Twitter @jonstank, but don’t look for me on Facebook please. Comment on anything and everything.

Happy Holidays



5 Responses to Done with College?

  1. What an exciting turn in events this is for you! I am very excited to follow you as you step into the “real world” of journalism and learn many things from you just as I have as you as my News Editor!

    Also, a nice short blog post, not boring at all and very excited to see your clips and opinions on matters as well!

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